September - Respect

For the month of September we will be recognizing students who exhibit our R.O.A.Ring expectation of being RESPECTFUL!

For the week of September 25-29, 2023...

PW 9-29
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Ace’lyn
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Valery
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Maddox
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Amyir
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Zayden
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Aliyah
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Ashley
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Kaya
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Isaac
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Andrea
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Rilynn
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Janiya
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Yailin
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Lesiah
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Branson
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Blake
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Madyson
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Noah
Ms. Sloane’s Math Class-Maelyn
Ms. Medina’s Class-Rayane
For the week of September 18-22, 2023...

PW 9-22
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Jason
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Sophia
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Hailey
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Parker
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Madyson
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Sophie
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Preston
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Stephanie
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Braelyn
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Nathanael
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Nevaeh
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Bryce
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Skylah
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Maddox
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Joam
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Emerson
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Nathanael
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Jovinique
Ms. Sloane’s Math Class-Rhys
Ms. Medina’s Class-Kanesha
For the week of September 11-15, 2023...

PW 9-15
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Isaiah
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Maeve
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Landyn
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Kanesha
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Rayane
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Josiah
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Marcus
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Faxon
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Alissa
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Miya
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Layla
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Aria
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Ava
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Rayane
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Jessa-Lynn
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Ja’zye
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Aubrey
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Liniaya’le
Ms. Sloane’s Math Class-Alden
Ms. Medina’s Class-Gabriel

For the week of September 5-8, 2023...
PW 9-8
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Vyna
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Liam
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Jay
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Isabelle
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Evan
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Ivan
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Alexier
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Alena
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Ethan
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Apostolos
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Felix
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvo's Class-Rhys
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Joseph
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Ally
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Kayden
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Ivan
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Eva
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Aubrie
Ms. Sloane’s Math Class-Kaya
Ms. Medina’s Class-Aldino