March - Acting Safely


For the week of March 25-28, 2024...

PW 3-28

Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Nova
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Elahni
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Joam
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Marlyn
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Macie
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Ivan
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Fiona
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Alena
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Harmony
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Nevaeh M
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Nevaeh V
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Jonah
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Joseph
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Hope
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Cyrus
Ms Kulju’s Music Class-Vladimir
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Isabelle
Ms. Sloanes Math Class-Jadiel
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Nyzel
For the week of March 18-22, 2024...

PW 3-22

Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Ashley
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Valery
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Preston
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Aaron
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Brycenne
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Elias
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Alexier
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Saige
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Summer-Rose
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Yoel
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Ella
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Alden
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Jacob
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Dwayne
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Stephanie
Ms Kulju’s Music Class-Alissa
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Violet
Ms. Sloane's Math Class-Prynce
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Valery
For the week of March 11-15, 2024...

PW 3-15

Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Nia
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Liam
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Maddox
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Noah
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Richie-Iyannah
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Jasmine
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Ashley
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Dwayne
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Kaysen
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Andrea
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Shea
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Mikael
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Yailin
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Valery
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-April
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Avery
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Colton
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Amyir
Ms. Sloane's Math Class-Jace
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Arianis
For the week of March 4-8, 2024...

PW 3-8
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Vyna
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Sophia
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Jessiah
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Jadiel
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Richie-Thais
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Lily
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Dominic
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Kaya
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Noah
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Mario
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Amayah
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Ezequiel
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Krisha
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Harmony
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Isabelle
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Journey
Ms Kulju’s Music Class-Kemil
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Isaac
Ms. Sloanes Math Class-Autumn
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Ashley
Ms. Pompa’s Music Class-Jordan