Paws of the Week

We are very excited to continue our work with PBIS here at the Elizabeth Carter Brooks Elementary School! PBIS stands for “Positive Behavior Intervention Supports”, and the goal is to support all students with a school-wide tiered system for teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors and expectations. PBIS is an evidence-based framework for preventing problem behaviors, providing instruction and support for positive and prosocial behaviors and supporting the social, emotional, and behavioral needs for each and every one of our students. Our system focuses on teaching the four R.O.A.R. expectations of being Respectful, being Open-Minded, Acting Safely, and being Responsible. If your child has attended the Brooks School for any length of time, these expectations are sure to be familiar to you. It is our expectation that all of our Bobcats follow these rules and demonstrate these expectations in all settings within our school community. 
As part of our PBIS system
each week, classroom teachers, specialists, and support staff choose a student to receive a Paw of the Week award, based on their demonstration of the R.O.A.R. expectation being highlighted for that month. Winning students are called to the office area each Friday morning, have their picture taken, and are given a small prize. One winner from each week is chosen as the “SUPER Bobcat” for the week and is given an additional prize.