Mission and Vision


We are committed to developing a community of learners who exhibit strong character, academic proficiency, and social-emotional competency with a strong focus on cultivating deeper learning, and nurturing the whole child in a high quality, student centered, safe and supportive environment. 


E.C. Brooks students will achieve high standards of academic excellence by engaging in culturally relevant, high quality, collaborative learning experiences that deepen their understanding of grade level content.   Our students will exhibit social emotional competency by developing self-awareness and self management skills, participating in responsible decision making, developing positive relationship skills, and deepening their social awareness of themselves, others, and the community.   

Core Values

E.C. Brooks Students and Staff know how to:



  • ACT SAFELY and….


members of the school, the community, and beyond.

Theory of Action

If we…

  • Build on educator’s culturally responsive teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of all students

  • Design a data driven climate and culture that fosters collaboration to proactively plan for and meet the needs of all learners

  • Maintain high expectations for ourselves and our students and hold each other accountable for student growth and proficiency

  • Develop and sustain strong community partnerships and relationships with families

  • Are reflective in our practices, open-minded to growth-producing feedback, and willing to change our instruction as needed 

Then…all students will achieve academic excellence, at grade level and beyond!