February - Open-Minded


For the week of February 26 - March 1, 2024...

PW 3-1
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Ace’lyn
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Sydney
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Jade
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Parker
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Richie-Ann
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Jonathan
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Liam
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Faxon
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Ethan
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Aria
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Tatyana
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Isabelle
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Bentley
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Gabriela
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Eleonore
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Jonathan
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Maleah
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Alayna
Ms. Sloane's Math Class-Kaleb
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Brittany
Mr. H’s Art Class-Alejandra
For the week of February 12-16, 2024...

PW 2-16

Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Ariya
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Alice
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Penny
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Amyir
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Madyson
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Prynce
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Preston
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Kaleb
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Mia
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Miya
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Noah
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Cohen
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Landon
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Mikael
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Jade!
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Braelyn
Ms. Kulju’s Music Class-Danez
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Skylah
Ms. Sloane's Math Class-Eliani
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Djulia
Ms. Morin’s Health Class-Kayson
For the week of February 5-9, 2024...
Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Colton
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Zakhairi
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Jay
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Ian
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Eliani
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Ellie
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Terrence
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Kayla
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Arianna
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Matthew
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Sophia
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Devaughn
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Jancarlos
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Hudson
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Prynce
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Rhys
Ms Kulju’s Music Class-Amayah
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Hope
Ms. Sloane's Math Class-Angelys
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Xavier
Ms. Pompa’s Music Class-Dominic
For the week of January 22-26, 2024...

PW 2-2

Grade K-Mrs. St. Pierre’s Class-Diloma
Grade K-Ms. Amaral’s Class-Avery
Grade 1-Mrs. Edgcomb’s Class-Kanesha
Grade 1-Mrs. Castro’s Class-Armani
Grade 2-Ms. Mota’s Class-Xavier
Grade 2-Mrs.Keatons Class-Nayeli
Grade 3-Ms. Robinson’s Class-Kaleb
Grade 3-Mrs. R. Bartie’s Class-Sophia
Grade 3-Ms. Costa’s Class-Emma
Grade 4-Mrs. Calheta’s Class-Dustin
Grade 4-Ms. L’s Class-Naomi
Grade 5-Ms. Giammalvos Class-Jenilly
Grade 5-Ms. Andrade’s Class-Aniyah
Mr. Alvarez’ PE Class-Liahna
Mr. Raxter’s Art Class-Noah!
Mr. Messier’s Health Class-Jacoby
Ms Kulju’s Music Class-Ava
Mrs. LeBlanc’s Reading Class-Rilynn
Ms. Sloanes Math Class-Ava
Ms. Medina’s ESL Class-Cyrus