September 9-13

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For the Week of September 9-13 students demonstrating Respectful behavior are....

Nathaniel Bartolomey  from Ms. Amaral's Kindergarten class
Ayva Leite from Ms. Sylvia's Kindergarten Class
Kirsha Patel from Mrs. Castro's Grade 1 Class
Alaina Lavoie from Mrs. Keaton's Grade 2 Class
Anyveah Ross from Mr. Kiselica's Grade 2 Class
Nashawnia Le from Ms. Costa's Grade 3 Class
Veronica Ewell from Mrs. Rodrigues-Bartie's Grade 3 Class
Alexis Genereux from Mrs. Calheta's Grade 4 Class
Evan Branco from Ms. Lavimoniere's Grade 4 Class
Alejandro Henriquez from Miss Andrade's Grade 5 Class
Jonah Carvalho from Ms. Giammalvo's Grade 5 Class
Ghesset Fernandez from Mr. Raxter's Art Class
Avah Lopes from Ms. Khulju's Music Class
and our Super Roaring Bobacat of the Week is...

JanCarlos Robles from Ms. Lemieux's Grade 1 Class.