September 23-27

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For the Week of September 23-27  students demonstrating Respectful behavior are....

Nariyah Blakney-Andrews from Ms. Sylvia's Kindergarten Class
Cassidy Rosher from Mrs. Castro's Grade 1 Class
Ryan Sandovel-Jovel from Mrs. Edgcomb's Grade 1 Class
Essence Miranda from Ms. Lemieux's Grade 1 Class
Mia Santiago from Mrs. Keaton's Grade 2 Class
Brooklynn McCarthy from Mr. Kiselica's Grade 2 Class
Sophia Lomba from Ms. Costa's Grade 3 Class
Jaleeah Ivy from Mrs. Rodrigues-Bartie's Grade 3 Class
Olivia Parker from Mrs. Calheta's Grade 4 Class
Jydel Hernandez from Ms. Lavimoniere's Grade 4 Class
Ayanna Rios from Miss Andrade's Grade 5 Class
Liam Burdman from Ms. Giammalvo's Grade 5 Class
Alexander Garcia from Mr. Raxter's Art Class
Cassidy Rosher from Ms. Khulju's Music Class

and our Super Roaring Bobcat of the Week is...

Jayvien Carrasquillo from Ms. Amaral's Kindergarten Class.

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