October 1-4

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For the Week of September 30- October 4  students demonstrating Open-Mindedness are....

Felix Wright from Ms. Amaral's Kindergarten Class
Alexandra Sliney from Ms. Sylvia's Kindergarten Class
Brielle Rebello from Mrs. Edgcomb's Grade 1 Class
Michael Depina from Ms. Lemieux's Grade 1 Class
Marc Medeiros from Mrs. Keaton's Grade 2 Class
Myrangeliz Martinez from Mr. Kiselica's Grade 2 Class
Richelys Perez from Ms. Costa's Grade 3 Class
Tristan Gates from Mrs. Rodrigues-Bartie's Grade 3 Class
Alex Espinola from Mrs. Calheta's Grade 4 Class
Maxwell Tupper from Ms. Lavimoniere's Grade 4 Class
Manuel Nunez from Miss Andrade's Grade 5 Class
Brianna Mondiere from Ms. Giammalvo's Grade 5 Class
Jarisvette Caban from Mr. Raxter's Art Class
Chris Cardoso from Ms. Khulju's Music Class

and our Super Roaring Bobcat of the Week is...

Giovanni Santiago from Mrs. Castro's 1st Grade Class.
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