March 3-7

For the Week of March 2-6 students demonstrating Acting Safely are....

img 4586
Ruben Vasquez from Ms. Amaral's Kindergarten Class
Dexter Almond from Ms. Sylvia's Kindergarten Class
Krisha Patel from Mrs. Castro's Class Grade 1 Class
Aniyah Torres from Mrs. Edgcomb's Grade 1 Class
Landon Meneses from Ms. Lemieux's Grade 1 Class
Sofia Catulo from Mrs. Keaton's Grade 2 Class
Camila Ramos Matei from Mr. Kiselica's Grade 2 Class
Jonairyz Olmeda Rodriguez from Ms. Costa's Grade 3 Class
Karley Arruda from Mrs. Rodrigues-Bartie's Grade 3 Class
Levi Bethune from Mrs. Calheta's Grade 4 Class
Milan Fermino from Ms. Lavimoniere's Grade 4 Class
Mitchell Ewell from Ms. Giammalvo's Grade 5 Class
Nashawnia Le from Mr. Raxter's Art Class
Kaitlyn Roman from Ms. Khulju's Music Class

img 4588

and our Super Roaring Bobcat of the Week is...

Ricardo Morales from Miss Andrade's Grade 5 Class.