Thank you for a Wonderful Year!

Thank You For A Wonderful Year!
Sunsetting SummerJune 21st is our last school day for the 2017-2018 school year.  It is with great pleasure that we thank the students, faculty, families, PTA, and all the other members of the Brooks Community for a wonderful year.  We are a small school filled with wonderful people, whom have a tendency to surprise us with what they are able to do.

Just a few quick reminders before we depart:

1) Make sure you are reading, hopefully everyday.
2) Find opportunities to write: a poem, a story, in a journal, a letter to another.
3) Search your world for real life math problems.  For example, when you are at the store try to figure out how much your items will cost before you reach the register.
4) Stay safe this summer!  Always use sunscreen, the crosswalks, helmet when on anything with wheels (except cars).  We want you to return happy and healthy.
5) And most importantly, and last but not least, we hope you have a FANTASTIC SUMMER AND WE WILL SEE YOU ALL IN THE FALL!!!!!