School-Wide Read

School Year 2018-2019

 Trimester 1: Matilda (September-November):

by Roald Dahl


Students in Grades PK - 5 participated in a Gallery Walk on Tuesday, November 20th.  They were able to view projects created by students in each classroom based on the book "Matilda" by Roald Dahl.   The students did an amazing job and were so excited to share their projects with the whole school!

Matilda 1Matilda 11Matilda 14Matilda 15Matilda 16Matilda 2Matilda 3Matilda 4Matilda 5Matilda 6Matilda 7Matilda 8Matilda 9Matilda 18Matilda 19Matilda 20Matilda 21Matilda 22Matilda 23Matilda 24Matilda 25Matilda 26Matilda 27Matilda 28Matilda 29Matilda 30Matilda 31Matilda 33